Creating Your Signature Look: Building the Perfect...

Every makeup enthusiast understands the value of having a tailored beauty kit that complements their unique style and needs. But where do you begin when it comes to creating a custom, refillable makeup palette that houses all your essentials in one place? INGLOT Cosmetics offers a revolutionary solution with their FREEDOM SYSTEM PALETTES, designed to declutter your makeup collection and make it travel-friendly. Here’s how to build your perfect makeup palette using INGLOT's innovative system. ...

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Finding your perfect match: a guide to choosing th...

Are you tired of endlessly searching for the perfect makeup foundation, only to be left feeling overwhelmed by the countless options available? We hear you! Choosing the right foundation can be a daunting task, but fear not - we're here to help. Whether you're looking for full coverage, a ...

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Discover Your Perfect Brushes!...

Do you desire perfect makeup that enhances your beauty? Choosing the right brushes is the key. Type of bristles, length, shape.... does it really matter? Meet our set of irreplaceable brushes that will make your daily makeup routine a real pleasure. Remember, makeup is your self-expression...

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Mini cosmetics perfect for a trip....

Are you packing a suitcase for a vacay or a city break and the capacity of your luggage limits you? We often face the dilemma of what products to leave at home. ​​Luckily, there are travel-size skincare and makeup products specifically designed for travel, ideal for taking along on you...

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Your beauty routine with INGLOT cosmetics

Choose your beauty routine that is best for you and create your unique set of skincare and makeup products with INGLOT. Explore daily care products from INGLOT LAB that will help you comprehensively care for your skin and tried-and-true makeup bestsellers. Makeup and skincare products from the travel-size series are the perfect option for your purse and travel cosmetics bag.

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Your perfect manicure

Make your manicure stand out this season. Choose from a wide range of formulas, the trendiest colors, and finishes. Don't forget about nail care products that will take care of their condition.

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INGLOT bestsellers – choose the best

Discover INGLOT makeup products that have gained popularity worldwide. Our collections provide complete freedom in realizing makeup ideas. The unique Freedom System allows you to create your own makeup palettes. The INGLOT PLAYINN line features pleasant formulas and easy-to-apply products that will enable you to create a complete look.

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Vegan Beauty Is On The Rise

Due to continuous growth and independence in the field of research and development, we have decided to certify vegan formulations at the INGLOT Specialized Research and Development Center. At this moment we can approve that over 77% products in the brand's portfolio contain vegan formula. Check all options in our online store.

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Makeup and skincare from INGLOT – harmony combined with trends

At INGLOT, we blend a love for makeup with expertise in cosmetics production, offering collections that invite everyone to explore the beauty world. Our commitment to safe formulas, premium ingredients, and curated color palettes results in effective and high-standard products. INGLOT believes in intentional beauty, crafting products reflecting individuality. Our diverse portfolio includes the pioneering Freedom System, innovative Duraline, and globally recognized AMC Gel Eyeliner. Explore our lines: Core, Playinn, and Inglot Lab 1983.

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