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Both makeup enthusiasts and people who have just started their makeup journey will appreciate high quality face makeup brushes. The brushes enable easy application of loose, pressed and creamy products. Professional face brushes can be used with various formulas to achieve multiple effects, including precise application. Our offer includes different types of brushes with natural or synthetic hair, available in numerous sizes.

Foundation brushes

Proper foundation application is a key element while performing makeup. To apply the foundation in a precise and even way, you just need the right foundation brush. Highly dense (angled or round in shape), flat or elastic – the choice is yours.

The brushes may vary in their shape, bristles and purpose including the application of loose or liquid formulas. Discover the whole offer and find a must-have dedicated to your needs.

How to pick the best foundation brush?

Concealer brushes

Under eye and face concealer is a must-have essential in every makeup bag. It is perfect to hide skin imperfections, small discolouration or dark circles under the eyes, while providing the effect of silky smooth skin. Convenient, precise and smudge free application is possible with the right concealer brushes. Small in size, they are usually round and made of soft, dense bristles or rather flat resembling a tongue of a cat, perfect to apply products under the eyes.

Powder brushes

Face powder plays a crucial role in makeup as it helps mattifying and highlighting selected parts of the face as well as prolongs durability of the final look. Precise application of loose and pressed products is possible with the right powder brushes. Big in size, they are quite thick and wide as the measurements allow to put the product easily all over the face.

How to choose the right powder brush?

Contour brushes

Perfectly blended colours and a natural effect while contouring can be achieved with the right contour brushes. Medium in size and of suitable shape, these brushes are especially perfect to define selected parts of the face. Our offer includes brushes with angled or rounded tip as well as fan brushes, suitable for you depending on individual needs.

Blush brushes

Face blush, regardless if pressed, liquid or creamy, enables to define the shape of face, making it look fresh and radiant. The most popular blush brushes that allows precise application are round, medium in size and with angled cut bristles.

Highlighter brushes

Highlighter allows to optically brigten the face giving a healthy look. Highlighter brushes with a cut tip, oblique, round in shape or resembling a fan are the most suitable for precise application.

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