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Perfect for any MUA kit

Duraline is the most versatile product I have in my kit. To making custom eyeliner with crushed up eyeshadows, to re hydrating any dried up gel products. It’s the perfect product to also sharpen up any wing and create the perfect cut crease, cannot live without it!!! ????


you need this

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I've had the same bottle of this stuff in my kit for about 3 years... it just lasts so long. A tiny drop can make any pigment a liquid formula, and brings products back to life.


A must have

Honestly I’ve been using this years and years. Even now I’ve moved to the other side of the world it’s still my must have.

This is amazing for helping any eyeshadow pop but is incredible for all the Inglot glitters. It’s a multi use product. I’ve added a small bit of this to gel liners that had gone a bit dry and also to brow liners. I’ve added this to lips before lipstick and it’s made the colour pop and last forever. The bottle lasts such a long time. It really is a must have. I’m so glad Inglot is available in Australia and not just Ireland. It’s an amazing brand. I love it.


A necessity in my kit!

Duraline is so versatile and does exactly what it says. I use it to revamp my gel liners and create customs liners from pigments. I also use it to make any liquid/cream product I have waterproof and long lasting.


Makeup artist essential

I use this product for just about everything! Just the tiniest drop is needed to reactivate dried eyeliner gels, brow gels, eyeshadows or even matte lipsticks. Also such an easy base to apply loose eyeshadow pigment to or even sharpen up your eyeliner wing with a clean brush. These bottles last forever too!



loved this product. I can not live without. I recommend


Everyone needs this!!!!!!

This magic in a bottle is the most amazing stuff... Using it with my pigments, add half a drop and mix it with a little pigment powder makes it stick so well and holds all day or just stick some pigment on top for the super sparkly effect... Revives my gel liner. Mixed it's with my foundation and is made it last incredibly well in the tropical sticky weather.. The list goes on I can not live with out this.... It's a game changer...

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