Discover the colorful INGLOT PLAYINN line!

Discover the colorful INGLOT PLAYINN line!

2024-01-13 00:52:30

INGLOT PLAYINN is a line that promises great fun in your daily skincare ritual and makeup creation. Pleasant, easy-to-apply formulas, compositions enriched with care ingredients and a wide range of product colours will allow you to create the perfect makeup.

An important element on the way to a healthy complexion and perfect makeup is proper and systematic care.
If you are looking for cosmetics that are quick to apply and effective in action, choose and test the multifunctional SKIN READY FACE MASK by INGLOT PLAYINN, which will comprehensively take care of your skin. Use as a light day cream, also under makeup, or apply a thicker layer as night care. The mask has a light, creamy-gel texture that absorbs well, without the need to wash off. It moisturises and firms the skin, has a soothing effect and reduces redness. It improves the overall appearance and visually smooths facial skin irregularities.

Dreaming of the effect of flawless skin? Reach for INGLOT PLAYINN YSM SMOOTHING FACE FOUNDATION. The lightweight formula allows you to build coverage, prevents excessive shine, providing the season's trendiest natural finish. The moisturising peach extract contained in the composition has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. Apply the foundation with a sponge or your favourite BRUSH FROM THE PLAYINN line. Create your own set of brushes with dense synthetic bristles, set in an elegant cap accompanied by white straight handles. Choose from a wide range of sizes and shapes and enjoy creating everyday makeup.

Perfect makeup also means perfectly highlighted eyebrows. Style them with the help of transparent INGLOT PLAYINN BROW SOAP. The long-lasting formula will allow you to enjoy perfect styling for a long time. Apply a dab of the product to the brush and brush the hairs upward for a super trendy look - natural-looking tamed hairs.

Juicy, moisturised lips are an indispensable part of any season. INGLOT PLAYINN LIP GLOSS GO WITH GLOW is a series of 4 semi-transparent colours. Delicate shades of beige, pink or red applied directly to the lips will add lightness to the makeup. Applied in combination with your favourite lipstick, they will give it a shiny effect. Care ingredients will take care of the delicate skin of the lips, leaving it soft and moisturised.

PLAYINN line is a guarantee of great fun. Explore its possibilities and delight in them!

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