Opt for beautiful and well cared nails. Choose your favourite INGLOT nail polishes and conditioners.

Opt for beautiful and well cared nails. Choose your favourite INGLOT nail polishes and conditioners.

2023-07-25 23:44:00

Hands are like our business card, and a perfect manicure and a healthy, well-groomed nail plate highlight their beauty. Invest in nail care products and nail polish in colours in line with the latest trends and create a long-lasting, strikingly shiny manicure.

1. Prepare the nail plate before painting.

Before applying nail polish, shape the plate, making sure to choose the right gradation of the PAPER FILE, and remove cuticles.

2. Apply a nourishing product to strengthen the plate.

Nail polish base coat is a product that not only smooths and evens out the surface of the plate, but also prevents discoloration, prolongs the life of the manicure and provides the plate with care ingredients. NATURAL ORIGIN BASE COAT is a product in natural ingredients for special tasks. Applied individually, it smooths, filling the gaps on the nail surface, and provides protection against external factors. Applied as part of a full manicure, it smooths and creates a perfect surface for varnish application. Are you looking for a base coat that optically whitens the plate and facilitates the application of colour polish? Choose O2M BREATHABLE BASE, which additionally ensures the penetration of air and water into the plate.

3. Apply nail polish in the selected shade.

Are you a fan of products based on natural ingredients? Choose NATURAL ORIGIN NAIL POLISH. Strong pigmentation, high durability and abrasion resistance will make you love the manicure made with this polish. In addition, the breathable formula ensures the penetration of water and air into the nail plate, allowing you to keep it in the best possible condition. The vegan line of Natural Origin polishes includes earthy colours, classic reds, powder pinks, but also juicy colours that we associate with summer. If, in addition to a beautiful appearance, you care about a healthy plate, it's worth reaching for the O2M BREATHABLE NAIL POLISH. Using an advanced polymer, this "breathable" formula allows water and air to penetrate the nail plate, keeping it in the best possible condition. The diverse colour palette will allow you to enjoy a long-lasting manicure effect full of shine. 

4. Prolong the durability of your manicure.

Opt for 83% natural ingredients in a hardening top coat and choose NATURAL ORIGIN TOP COAT. This hardener not only prevents nail polish from chipping, but also enhances its color and adds shine. Are you a fan of O2M products? Do a full manicure with breathable polishes and prolong the durability of the styling with a O2M BREATHABLE TOP COAT. The beneficial effect of air and water penetration will guarantee not only a beautiful manicure, but most importantly a healthy plate.

Choose your favorite nail art products and create the most fashionable manicure of the season!

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