Makeup trends for 2023 festive season

Makeup trends for 2023 festive season

2022-12-28 20:34:00

Festive season is the perfect time to experiment not only with clothing, but also with makeup. For the 2022/2023 season, we are delighted by the madness of forms and colours combined with minimalism. If you don't know how to enhance your beauty with a stronger evening makeup, get inspired by current trends. Fashionable makeup this season is primarily smoky eyes, glitter and lips in intense red combined with the invariably dominating  natural healthy glow.

Before applying evening makeup, it is very important to properly prepare your skin. This will make it long-lasting, and you will be sure  that it will last intact all night. Use INGLOT Lab cream that matches your skin type. Remember to apply a PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BASE, then even out your face with your favourite foundation. Contour your face with cream products applied with a moistened sponge - bronzer, blush and highlighter, which are available as handy FREEDOM SYSTEM refills. While wet contouring, the cosmetics will blend into a single layer, and you'll have the perfect canvas for your eyelid and lip makeup.

If you're looking for eye-catching makeup, go for LOOSE EYESHADOWS - AMC PURE PIGMENT EYE SHADOW or BODY SPARKLES. Apply them with DECORATION ADHESIVES for a long-lasting effect, and the previously applied decorations won't fall off. Apply the adhesive with a flat, synthetic 22T brush on the eyelid, and then apply the chosen body sparkles or loose eyeshadow with your fingertip. Go for classic golds, silvers and bronzes or go wild with colour. A wide range of shades will allow you to do your makeup in any of your favourite colours. The look should be completed with a black eyeliner - AMC EYELINER GEL. Classic, deep black will be the perfect accent to highlight your eyelid makeup. Are you looking for an effect that will impress? Apply intense black thickening mascara, and then use artificial eyelashes - both individual eyelashes and those on a strip will give your eyes a distinct look.

Festive season makeup, which is perfectly in line with current trends, is primarily a strong focus on the eyes. Make striking smoky eyes with the help of FREEDOM SYSTEM eyeshadows. Don't be afraid of colour, festive season is the perfect time when you can go wild! Use darker shades than you would on a daily basis, and enhance the lower waterline with a soft black KOHL PENCIL. The dark shade will bring out and highlight the colour of the iris, adding depth to the look.

The most fashionable lip makeup for the holiday and festive season is a timeless red. Go for long-lasting formulas that will last all night without touch-ups! Use COLOUR PLAY Lipliner and carefully outline the contour of your lips. Then fill in your lips with the colour of the extremely long-lasting HD LIP TINT MATTE and enjoy the intense colour all night long! Classic lip makeup will make you feel sensual and feminine.

Highlight your beauty and create a spectacular festive makeup that will be unique and will boost your confidence.

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