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Freedom System is a unique solution that enables you to fit all your favourite makeup products into one handy and environment-friendly reusable palettes.
Eyeshadows, powders, blushes, lipsticks, concealers, eyebrow products and cream perfumes available in refills give you a chance to create your own personalised makeup palette.


  • Palettes

    Unique, environment-friendly Freedom System palettes can accommodate your favourite products in just one case. The magnetic inside of the case allows for reuse - when your supply of a given product runs out, just get a refill!

  • Face

    Freedom System face products will ensure your skin looks impeccable every day. Concealers will help you hide imperfections, powders will make your skin silky smooth and sculpting blushes and powders will make for an ideal finish of your makeup.

  • Eyes

    A wide range of Freedom System eyeshadows and eyebrow shadows.
    Freedom System eyeshadows mix well with other colours and textures giving you unlimited freedom in creating makeup.
    Freedom System eyebrow shadows guarantee naturally filled in or accentuated eyebrows.

  • Lips

    Freedom System lipsticks and lip glosses are available in a rainbow of colours, textures and finishes. The products ensure a colour that lasts for many hours. The collection features delicate and subtle shades as well as vivid and intense colours perfect for every occasion.

  • Fragrance

    The floral and fruit cream perfumes in Freedom System refills include a selection of light and fresh notes that may be applied individually or mixed in any combination you want to create entirely new personalised compositions.

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